How to Study for Exams

High Spirits!!! welcome again on Unleash Your panache. I am here once again to guide you about How to study for exams which are very essential to know for you. This article will be very effective for you while study during your exams to help you in getting the best results.

How to Study for Exams

Hye students, Whenever you get a bad result, then, in the end, you must be thinking about how you should study for the exam so that it gives good results. I would like to tell you that you should not worry at all and stay positive, and Give me a chance to tell you the right ways to study in the exam and trust me you will not be disappointed. Instead, you will find some interesting ways to study and good results too. So, get up and let's begin!

"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn"

Albert Einstein                                           

 1.    Befriends with your notes 

As we are speaking specifically about how to study for exams, then definitely notes are the king material you have by this crucial time. 

Befriends with your notes

Therefore, continue preparing notes every time you study throughout your whole session.

Because at the period of exams, notes are the only life-saving jacket for you which can relieve you in the mid of stormy exams. 

Since during exams, we don't have that much of extra time to review whole the books and notebooks as there is a lot of stuff and material over there to learn and revise.

Then how can we cover lots of syllabus during exams?

Then I'll say, that can be easy! but with the help of your precious notes, you have made throughout your session.

So, make your notes clutching in mind that you have to learn your course from here only during exams.

Consequently, Start learning from your notes at least 2 months before your exams get started.

And, most important, notes will save you lots of time during your exams while nothing is precious than time!! Right?


✌ Persist learning your notes during your whole session up-to-date as to avoid last time hassle.

✌ Wherever you find extra long paragraph which is extra time taking, then you can write the page no. regarding that over there, so whenever you got to learn that particular page from your notes, you can directly learn that long detailed paragraph from the book.

 2.    Shift attention to the marks weightage 

Just before starting preparation for your exams, firstly take a brief look to the marks weightage of each chapter and topic.

Shift attention to the marks weightage

Because when you made to know about marks distribution amongst each topic then it clarifies you about what to study and how much to read.

Especially during your exams, you should perform this essential task to avoid your time-wastage in learning worthless topics.

When you do a good analysis of Marks weightage, it becomes effortless and moreover, it reduces a lot of burden from your mind.

This is one of the best ways to start a study for exams.


 Mention the marks weightage on the top of the chapters and topics to remember their worth for studying.

 3.    Memorize your syllabus 

Well, you are here to find out about how to study for exams, then start learning later but first attempt the courageous step to learn the complete syllabus of all subjects.

Memorize your syllabus

When you remember your entire course, then your interest in your subjects automatically starts growing.

And apart from that, it becomes very convenient for you with your subjects so that you find them much easier than before.

Also, when you have your whole syllabus fixed in your mind, then you do not seem to be unaware of your subjects anymore, but you feel as if you learn a lot already.

Remembering your syllabus makes you more confident during your exam days and it prepares you for it from inside.

It also preserves a lot of time for you to help you to concentrate just on studies for your exams.

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Make a separate short notebook and write the syllabus of all the subjects in it and observe it every day before you start your studies, this will make you remember your entire syllabus.

 4.    Look up to last years question papers

While, if you are questioning How to Study for Exams? then obey my answer and go grab the last few years question papers.

Look up to last years question papers

And analyze all of them before you begin any preparations for your exam.

Over examining the last years' question papers, you would learn to know about the pattern of exam papers you are gonna deal with soon.

Furthermore, you also get an idea about what kind of questions will appear in the examination and where will it come from.

Another advantage is that you get to know about the chapters and the importance of the topics and then you can prepare for the exam accordingly.


Try to attempt some questions the previous year's question papers daily before starting your studies. It would expand your senses about important and ineffective topics.

 5.    Give written tests regularly 

You know you are exploring how to study for exams, then it should be mandatory for you to give written tests regularly. Means regularly!

Give written tests regularly

If you are unconscious about its importance then let me inform you that it is the best approach to enhance your examination practice.

While you give written tests before exams, it prepares you thoughtfully for the future where you ought to give your exams with perfection and maturity.

additionally, this type of practice also reduces the chances of mistakes made by you in the exams.

Regular practice also develops the writing speed and the ability to understand questions and its motive.


Don't ever dare to miss a class test and join the weekly test series. It would prepare at a good level. 

Additionally, give oral and written tests at home yourself or you can ask for help to a family member to take your test.

 6.    Revise at most 

You know that whatever hard work you have put into studying till date is useless if you do not revise it regularly and that's true!

Revise at most

And I know you have grown up by listening to the phrase your whole life that you should revise it every day whatever you studied your entire day.

Plus many of you adopted this thought in your student life, but many didn't follow this precious rule.

If you are unaware of this tremendous rule, let me describe to you how important this revision is to all of us.

Whenever we learn something, at that moment we feel as if we have memorized everything.

But this is not true even if we feel that to be learned, but those things remain in our mind for a short period hardly.

To make the learned topics in our mind more paved, we have to revise them again and again, only then we will remember them all for a month of Sundays(long time).

And by memorizing any topic repeatedly, all the concepts related to it start to understand automatically day by day.

So, what to do now and how?

Don't worry, it's never too late! You can adopt this habit from today itself.

Make it a good habit, a rule and a compulsory task in your life. And make a fixed time for it separately in your daily study schedule.

And, as long as you are learning the facts to study for exams, then remember one formula-

 During exams, learn less and revise more  

Follow this formula wisely and it will gain enough of good marks for you.

 7.    Obey your study schedule rigorously 

Are you studying for the exams?

Then obey your study time table for sure because this is the only system to keep you stuck for your studies in a manageable way.

Obey your study time schedule rigorously

This habit of yours will account for every second of your day.

Means, if you execute your day in short sections according to your daily activity and work priority then it will be very beneficial for your examine studies.

The biggest mistake, if any student can make, is not accompanying the study schedule made by none other than themselves with the vision of achieving a goal.

Sometimes, it becomes quite hard for some students to coordinate with the time table because they find it hard to manage.

So, let me suggest you that start with the easy peasy time table and then improve its level after conquering upon the previous one.


Place your time table on the table or on the wall where you study or where you can see it oftentimes.

 8.    Proffer extra effort to important topics 

Well, let me remind you that you are here to search about how to study for exams.

Proffer extra effort to important topics

Then, let me also tell you that you are studying for exams! 

So, why to read all the chapters, all the topics, and why to try an attempt to read and learn each and every line! 

Hence,  please note that avoid trying to read and learn every line and every topic.

Because it is the exam time, that time which is so precious for you. So, save it and use it in learning the important topics.

Thus, give attention here and listen(read)carefully-

Thou, throughout the year you must have known about which are the important topics and lessons are there among the subjects, which are likely to appear in the examination.

Greatly Thankful to your teachers who acknowledged you about that, your weekly and monthly tests attempt by you and examining the last year exam papers, who helped in letting you know about their importance in terms of exams.

So, use your experience positively and just focus heavily on those important topics by learning them along with writing and revise them again and again.

And, tan tana... you are ready with the good preparation which can earn some good marks for you.


This topic is especially advised to follow during exams otherwise you have to understand and learn every topic throughout the year.

✌ During the whole year, whenever you feel and get to know that a topic is important according to the examination, then you should tick those topics at the same time So that whenever you read them again, you know what is more important.

 9.    Set small goals with a time limit 

Yes, if you wanna complete your goals at the right time then set your goals in small sections along with the time limit. 

Set small goals with a time limit

The point is when you divide your goals into parts, then you forget the tension of completing a big goal and your focus shifts towards achieving those small targets.

Because it seems easy to you and due to which your brain gets ready to complete those small targets during your exam study.

Also when you set a timer for completing your target it automatically speeds up to you mentally and physically both.

And finally, you can complete your targets on time due to time limitation.

In this way, you can complete your big goals easily on time.

This method is like a quick fixing for studying especially in exam times.


Have a to-do booklet nearby you and mention there your targets with there time limit and keep watching them oftentimes to avoid forgetting.

 10.    Save a little time too 

Of course! save a little time too because you are studying for your exams and you should have been very careful about your time.

Save a little time too

As because during your exams the time is the only resource you have which can not be bought again or able to recapture after losing it.

Therefore, value it the most and use it accordingly as much as you can.

Save your time by avoiding useless activities during your exam days which may occupy a lot more time of your study time.

Also, try to snatch some extra time from those activities which are necessary to perform. So, speed up yourself and try to complete your works a little early.

This way you can collect some extra time for your preparation for exam studies which can be very beneficial for your further good results.


Set alarms and timers to your works so that you don't get lost in it and you could remember that you have to do other works as well.

Speed up your activities and sort out essential and non-urgent tasks.

 11.    Turn off all the entertainment 

If you want to study well for exams then make your mind so strong enough to say no to all kind of entertainment.
Turn off all the entertainment

And try to avoid social media especially because it ruins your whole concentration very badly.

As many distractable things lie over there which are strong enough to manipulate you and they can play well with your concentration.

So, don't let yourself pulled off by any social media platform and copy that! as do not forget that you are here to know about how to study for exams. Right!

Also, maintain a far distance from movies, outing, parties, and yaa, gossiping is also a dominant part of the list of distracting elements.


✌ Distance yourself from the people at this time who distracts you by stupid things and nonsense gossips. Importantly, make a huge distance from your phone.

✌ Also, try to avoid stepping out of your home, stay in your peaceful environment where you can concentrate on your studies very well.

 12.    Use learnable techniques to study 

Here, you are learning about how to study for exams, that means exams are likely to arrive soon and you have to become serious about that to get into good preparation.

Use learnable techniques to study

you might have to learn and prepare a lot for your exams.

So, Embrace some test and tried techniques which can be proven to be quick and remember for a long time.

Read Loudly - Attempt this method while learning as when you read loudly it makes your ear and brain alert at that time to learn a pretty sooner for a longer period.

Also, it protects your mind from distracting because when you sit for studies and not engaging your brain in reading, it easily turns towards random thoughts.

Learn and write - Whenever you sit for your studies, sit with a copy pen and you have to write it down along with and after learning some topics.

This method is invented to lock up the stuff hand to hand, you have learned with your hard work.

Make notes - Always prepare notes along with the learning because when you write notes, you got to learn a lot at that time and also it embosses in your brain for a longer time additionally it helps you out during your exams.

Revise frequently - Learning and making notes is not enough for best results, but you need to revise all them too so often to keep them in mind for a long time.

Trust me, revising helps you a lot in an examination hall.

Mind mapping - Adopt the mind mapping method to learn facts and points To remember them from depth.

Create and make the charts for long and depth informative topics which comprises so much of facts, and arrange those facts in the form of any factual diagram according to your simplicity and understanding level.

Visualizing - When you watch any scene or a movie, you can memorize them all for a long while because visuality forms a great impact on your brain and it makes your memory so strong regarding that scene.

Hence, you should learn your topics with the help of visualizing in your mind and brief diagrams.

I am sure one of these points would be proved to be very helpful for you. Everyone has a different taste and the state of mind so any method may go best for you. Hence, try them for better results and adopt them in your studying habits.

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 13.    Study in a disturbance-free environment 

The last point but very important is to study really in a disturbance-free environment to build up a peaceful and studious atmosphere around you.

Study in a disturbance-free environment

Because it literally needs a pretty well time to build up that concentrating aura around you to study for exams.

Therefore, arrange the space Howsoever to make yourself able to concentrate on your studies in the sake of best results.

Also, disturbance-free atmosphere let you concentrate well on your topics with the wide-awake brain.


Inform your family to try not to disturb you until and unless they really need to do it.

For your studies, choose a place where there is no voice of the family nor any other voice of any kind. Like; television, music, gossiping, traffic, etc.

Some students like to study in an environment full of noises, and that's totally okay because their mind has become used to this situation and they feel studying more comfortable in this environment.


In particular, I fully agree with this fact that studying during exam days is also a challenge in itself. And besides that, the pressure to bring good results too is a big stress. But you will have to convert that tension and problem into positive energy and change the methods of your studies by closely examining them once. If you really want to learn how to study for exams, then try to grasp all the method I have discussed above very briefly, and adopt them in your student life. So, go and let's start studying in the best ways!

All the very best for your exams!

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