How to Study Smartly

High Spirits!!! You are Welcome once freshly on Unleash Your Panache. Today, I am going to reveal to you how to study smart but not hard rather. In today's era, and the competitive world you need to become smart for better results. So, let's start!

How to Study Smartly

Hey students, If you are working hard for a long time and still not getting desired results, then it's required for you to swap up your studying method with a good one soon. So, become smarter using your brain toward a good and productive way. Stop going with the crowd flow and take a rest, think for a while, invent some new and effective methods, and start from a new beginning with good hope for some awesome results.                                                  

First and foremost, you need to find out the difference between Hard Work, Smart Work and Effective way of work-

Hard Work:- This method is very commonly performed by most people. It needs no pre-planning or extra efforts but lots of time-consuming, despite that, they just jump into that work without looking ahead or behind but just exhaust themselves as much as they can physically or mentally. They do everything to achieve a goal but fewer things they don't care about is pre-planning, mind work, thinking about outcomes. But, this works for many and don't for some. Hard work has its own better versions, who tries, gets outstanding results but today I'm explaining to you about how to study smart

Smart Work:- Working smart is quite less exhausting but its the mind game. Also, it takes lesser time than hard work. You just need to be mentally strong and fully organized in your life. And by walking on this way you are ready to achieve your targets quite easily but remember it's not making a pudding!!

"I was lucky. I grew up knowing that hard work and smart work has a greater impact on results than being passionate about something."

Mark Cuban

 1.   Approach one study goal per day 

Since we are talking about how to study smart, then this is one of the initial methods to begin your study smartly.

Approach one study goal daily

So, at first, start your day with the goal which you can complete at your best the whole day.

For that, At the night before, write your next day goal about to study in your to-do diary and in the next day just after you wake up, inspect your goal and make your mind so positive and motivated to complete it.

Then at the end of the day, analyze your progress and aim your next goal to achieve the next day.

The most beneficial outcome of this method is you are always motivated for achieving your next goal and also it doesn't let you bore with the binding you out in a long processing time schedules.

By succeeding your goals every day, it boosts your confidence like a pro study smarter.

Once you achieve your one-day goal, then it would automatically crave you to achieve a goal of the next day.

Like this, you will succeed your big goal in the baby steps and during this whole process, it would not give you that pain of extra burden of lots of courses to complete and their regarding tensions and hotchpotch.

This way, you will not realize the extra burden of your lengthy courses and also you will not feel about hard-working but instead, it will improve your confidence for studying smart.


Move out of your study place after completing your aimed work.

Take small breaks after every short time.

 2.   Pick the most fruitful time to study 

While, you are looking for the smart steps to smart study, then you should first search for your most suitable and productive time when your mind is completely concentrated for learning and you are most motivated within to study.

Pick the most fruitful time to study

So, pick up your perfect time and that perfect time is when you are entirely eager & enthusiastic and your mind is super fresh to begin your studies.

And, if you don't have that perfect time then you can decide it according to some following situations like; when you are motivated for study, you are capable to concentrate wholly, it pleads you from inner to study, you can learn & understand as much as you desire at that time.

Your fruitful time will give you desired results, that's why it is named as like.

Your less but productive time is much much profitable for you than the lots of but discouraged and lowered time.

Therefore, Studying on your resourceful time makes you smarter than the other students as it asks you for less time to work hard. So, it is one of the smartest ways to study.

 3.    Learn to avoid distractions 

Smart students stay away from all type of distractions while they study.

Learn to avoid distractions

And, they better know how to avoid disturbance and how to escape from it. So, if you want to study smart, then you would have to first learn how to avoid distractions.

Because I think you are already aware of how dangerous is a distraction for your studies. 

As it steals your concentration on studies, it diverse your mind towards those things which can lead you to the bad results, and sometimes it demotivates you against your studies.

So, eventually, Learn to say no, a clear no, a big no, a brave no to anyone who asks you for something to do which is purposeless, time-wasting for you and you wanna say no from inside but are not able to say on their face.

To study smart, you should know the difference between distracting activities and useful ones.

 4.   Concentrate on one task at a time 

Smart people's smartest habit is to concentrate on one thing at a time and they deal with it very smartly. Overall, they concentrate on the concentration and they experiment with it a lot.

Concentrate on one task at a time
That means, If you are studying for just a half an hour even then your full concentration should be their only then your output will be equal to 2 hours.

And the technique to concentrate at one work at a time is whenever you sit for study, cut yourself from the rest of the world such as; home, tv, family, outside, switch off your phone, keep your phone out of your reach, extra thoughts, noises and pack yourself at the peaceful place for a while during you study and become smart student.

The biggest mistake students admit usually is they get up at any time in mid of studying and it is the worst habit of any student because it stops your mind to build-up that concentration environment for you.

And that's the only reason behind not promoting your interests and concentration towards your education and studies.

Forthwith, learn to say no to your's inner negative voice too which provokes you mostly time to get up from studies and reminds you of different things and activities regarding entertainment and subsequently you are trapped in it and get detached from your studies.


And use that collected and high powered concentration at one place that is your studies.

Start studying by listening calm and positive song it will collect your whole concentration from everywhere to the one point.

 5.   Master on making notes 

Always prepare notes of whatever you study at any time and always keep revising them before you start a new one.
Master on making notes
This is one of the best methods of smart study as it makes you more comfortable with your course and chapters.

Due to this habit of making notes, you don't need to always look into chapters and books and find out those important points.

This method makes your learning so easy and smart and at the same point, it is a great time and energy saver.

Next feature is master on making notes. You should be very specific about figuring out the important points and make the notes very carefully and make smart notes.


Revise notes daily otherwise, it would be wastage of your hard work and precious time you invested in making the notes.

Keep updating and improving your notes timewise so that you don't lose anything behind in your studies.

 6.   Stop wasting time 

If you want to know how to study smart actually, then become a great time saver just for the sake of your bright and smart future.

Stop wasting time

You know, actually, you don't know how much time you waste and where on your whole day.

So, at first, take out your schedule diary and a pen and write down over there how much time you spend in doing what and make the list of all your normal to large works you do your whole day.

Then after it, highlight those works which are really very important and analyze what is not so important for you and where are you wasting your time for so long. Also, make a priority list of works you have to do.

After doing this, revive your timetable and manage your time according to your prior works.

This is really very important step to do indeed of becoming the smart student as this activity will save you lots of time you are wasting for a long time.

Also, be updated about your next day schedule to save your time.

Don't waste your time building a moon-shine while you study and keep your self attentive always.


Be active physically and mentally both always as it saves your time and energy and this is the basic way to become a smart student.

Be aware of your time using strategy that means you should be distinguished about where to use your time and where not.

 7.   Memorize and secure it by some methods 

One more very important step in need to study smart is to learn like an iron nature; attempt some methods to learn that remain in your brain for a long time and try to make it permanent.

Memorize and secure it by some methods

You would have to practice those methods which can make your learning better and memorable for a longer period.

The best method which is the inbuilt quality in all the smart students is they pay attention in class always and keep their mind attentive on what their teacher teaches them.

This is the smartest method of studying and as well as the visual method which can be very useful for you to remember things for a longer time.

The students who pay attention to the lectures given by their teachers in a class are likely to be more intelligent and smart than the other students and also usually gain better marks than others.

After giving attention in the class if students don't repeat it at home or not take a look at them then also they remember their chapters for a long while as I told it before that this technique puts a visual impact on a brain. 

This method saves you lots of time to study more at home and gives you enough time to revise it better at home.

The second technique is discussing. Discuss with your friends on every important topic as this method puts the more impression on your brain for a long while.

Try also to teach to any of your friends on any of their problem or if you don't have anyone to explain just imagine if you are teaching and explaining to someone.

This is one of the most effective ways to learn topics prolonged.

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 8.   Start paying attention to yourself 

You are here to know and learn how to study smart so, my answer is, become a smart student first. That means- start paying attention to your self.

Start paying attention to yourself

Start to prepare yourself for all type of situations you may have to deal with anytime during your student life.

Develop your personality and become smart in every field and every aspect of life.

Become time savor, and select your priority of works and be clear about your targets and goals.

Bring up the attitude of confident and positive in you for all the elements around you.

Don't get discouraged easily by any negative environment around you and also don't let any negative thought attack your mind and its positivity.

Always be prepared and motivated for your studies and pay your attention to your good results as this will upvote your confidence and will build your smart attitude.

Stay advanced in every topic, subject and keep updating your knowledge.

Be active and be ready to do any work at any time always.

 9.   Stay manageable  

And, at last, but very relevant is to be manageable with all your works, things, situations around you in your life.

Stay manageable

The first job is to keep you all things like books, notebooks, stationery, your essentials, etc at their right place as to stay out of the stress of lost things which you often don't found at their respective places and, at the right time.

Never leave your work on tomorrow as it raises a lot of pending work that eventually makes you stressful and leaves you with lots of confusions and complications regarding your studies.

Always take care of your health through eating healthy food, drink lots of water, yoga and sports practice and overall adopt a healthy lifestyle. These healthy habits support you within to study smart.

Additionally, good health makes your brain healthy on developing it, which indirectly makes you smart student.

Keep yourself free of confusion and laziness.

-: Conclusion:-

This article is all regarding that how can you study smartly by obeying some smart methods given above. Here in this article, all I want to explain to you that there is no need to work hard always but sometimes you just need to use your brain smartly to achieve outstanding results just by studying smartly.

All The Best!!!

How to Study Smartly

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