How to Study for Class 10th CBSE board Exams

High Spirits!!! welcome again on Unleash Your panache. I am here once again with a very important & demanding article for class 10 CBSE Board students. In today's article, I'll explain to you very briefly how to study for class 10 CBSE board exams very effectively and manageable.

How to Study for Class 10 CBSE board Exams

Hye students, As forthwith it is the turning point in your educational future, So It's now the turn to prepare steadily and smartly for board exams. It is really quite tricky and difficult as well to manage all subjects at a time but Its moment to become smart and advance at your studies. You need to become more manageable and consistent in your preparation as you are going to face a very crucial exam of your life which will make a base to your educational carrier. In this article, you will get to know how to study for class 10 CBSE board exams.

1. Become Punctual

Become Punctual

The first step to achieve success in any exam is to become punctual; be on time always.

Because the habit of leaving your work on tomorrow makes you lazier, gifts you lots of pending work and take you away from your success day by day.

Being on time will save you lots of time as this good habit will keep you energetic and advance to your all works henceforth it will make you more confident and organized.

Punctuality will bring you up with more sincerity and maturity in you for your studies and future, naturally.

So, make a good, wise and accessible time table for your studies & other activities and also make a study schedule to make your studies easier, manageable and on point.

And, for catching the time table efficiently you need to become punctual.

Believe me, Punctuality is the most primary habit to built up in your personality especially during the 10 CBSE board Exams preparation.


1. Stay away from pending works because it will pull you away from getting good results and will waste your lots of time.

2. Place a wall clock, the table clock in your study area or wear a watch most of the time. This will keep you on time and punctual.

2. Make a great time table  

Make a great time table

To make your 10 class CBSE board exams preparation more effective, you need to become manageable and first manage your time with your studies and other activities respectively.

Split your time into different sections in order of studies, different subjects, other activities, etc. wisely so you can do all your work without any loss of time.

Manage your time-table according to your coaching or school time comfortably so you did not get any extra burden and load. 

Take out at least 6 to 8 hours for self-study other than your classes in your time table.

While making the time table, first select your priorities and divide your time accordingly.

Because you are preparing for class 10 CBSE board exams you should postpone your some extra hobbies for a while as it will save you lots of time for preparation because you have many subjects to learn and enough of the wide syllabus to complete in a year.

Select that section of time for studies in which you are most productive and highly concentrated & can study most efficiently and effectively.

Take out a fixed quantity of time for good sleep for your healthy mind.

Also, keep an hour booked for some daily exercise to keep your body healthy and active because a healthy body runs a healthy mind and also keeps you free of laziness. The healthy and active body increases your confidence as well.

( If you want to buy some exercise equipment, then you can buy it from here also) 

NOTE:-Keep your time table flexible and don't hesitate in making changes in it according to your circumstances and for better improvement.

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3. Maintain a study schedule diary

Maintain a study schedule diary

Now, when you know that you have to start your 10 CBSE board exam preparation and you are done with making your daily time table, your next step should be to create a study schedule very precisely.

First of all, write down the syllabus subject wise in a separate notebook, go through them daily and tick the chapter as soon as you learn it.

This way is the most manageable method for any student to keep it simple with the syllabus and oppositely which could be quite confused and difficult for any student if it is not maintained at the same place.

Due to this method, you would be able to learn the syllabus very soon which is very important for every student to ease your complicated studies.

In the study schedule, you have to write down your targets datewise and subjectwise. In which make a page divided into different rows of date and subjects. 

Now, you have to write down the chapter no. below the particular subject, you have to complete, in the front of the date section you want to complete on.

Forthwith, the next step is to make your study schedule in two forms; one is short term and other is a long term. Both are necessary to ake.

Short term schedule is the target set by you for a short period like; one weak, 10 days or 15 days, in which you have to achieve that target you have set.

Long term schedule is made for 3 months, 6 months and of 1 year, in which you have to mention your chapters subjectwise with the date you want to complete it on.

This method makes your study process so simple and adaptable which could make your preparation more powerful and so as your result.

Set your goals as realistic as you can do it comfortably and achieve assuredly. 


1. Stick to your time table and study schedule both in any and how condition and avoid to postpone your schedule to next day otherwise your whole schedule will be delayed.

2. Go through your schedule and time table daily to keep it revive in your mind and keep updating it as well.

4. Zoom on concepts

Zoom on concepts

Most of the students make a great mistake of rote a topic rather than learning it by understanding its basic concepts.

When you rote any topic, firstly it takes a lot of time and energy to learn and then hold it in your mind for a longer period. The backdrop of the rote method is it disappears from your mind in a very short period.

The one another backdrop of this method is when you rote any topic you are making your mind restrict to solve questions only to the related topic, not other extra conceptual questions.

But, if you understand the root concept of any subjective topic then, you are opening the door for all type of questions of any difficulty level.

Also, when you are learning the basic concepts it remains in your brain for a longer period.

By preparing from ground concepts you are becoming able to solve any type of question with any level of difficulty and henceforth you are becoming more intelligent due to this method.

And so, you are preparing yourself for scoring good marks in your 10 CBSE board Exams and building the concepts library in your mind for your further studies.

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1. Hold your concentration in a class when your teacher is explaining to you something because this is the only key time to clear your concepts and understand the root concepts.

2. Keep an eye on your concepts time to time as to hold them stuck in your minds. So, write down your all-important concepts in your separate notebook.

5. Self-Analysis


When you are done with your learned up chapters then you necessitate to permanent them in your brain.

And, the very best method to remember your concepts and topics in your mind for as long as time, you should give test regularly.

After every time you learn a chapter, it should be mandatory for you to give a test by yourself orally and written both.

Whenever you give a test in written it all imprints in your mind and it is a proven method to be most helpful for you when you give your exams.

Another theory behind the self-analysis is to test out your ground state about how much you have grasped and how much your concepts are cleared and what is difficult to remember.

NOTE:-  Never Skip the tests of your class, coaching, and school. Also, you can join a test series or buy for self-analysis.

Do regular practice of questions from a good question bank for the strong preparation.

 How to study 

1. Mathematics


First of all, take a look at the syllabus and turn attention to the marks weightage as per the chapters.

Then, start preparing for the chapter according to the marks weightage.

Analyze last years question papers to understand the level of questions appears in 10 board exams so that you could prepare smartly.

Start your preparation from NCERT book and cover its whole syllabus with the conceptual understanding because examiners pick questions mostly from NCERT book only.

Daily regular practice should be the first preference for every student to score good marks in maths paper.

Make a separate register of formulas and theorems to keep it handy for you to revise them anytime which would be very helpful for you especially during your exams. 

The one and only best method ever invented for good maths are- Practice, Practice, and more Practice.

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2. English


English Knowledge and Reading:- In English exam, you have to face lengthy and time-consuming portion of writing answers to questions given from chapters.

So, how to prepare for it?

Read your chapter first, very carefully with full of concentration and try to understand its story and thought behind it. This way of reading chapter would help you at a good level to understand the question and writing the correct answer to them.

The best process of preparing for English paper is, build up your English knowledge and increase your vocabulary day by day.

A good vocabulary awareness makes you able to understand any type of question in English subject and help you to write answer more preciously in the exam.

Grammar:- grammar is a good scoring portion in an English subject if you are good at it.

So, put a light on it, and start preparing from basic grammar and keep improving it by daily practice.

Regular practice is the only key to bring perfection in your grammar and in this way you can decrease your chance of mistakes in an English exam.

Literature:- This portion is all about to feel and understand the behind motives of a story.

When you will totally understand the feel of poetry then nothing can stop you to wite perfect answers of literature questions.

Unseen Passages:- This part of English syllabus is the simplest and easiest marks gainer portion among all parts if you are good at finding the correct answer from it.

You only need a good knowledge of the English and vocabularies so that you could easily get the point given in a passage.

For improvement, keep practicing passages regularly so you could understand the root method to solve the passage also it would make your analysis power even sharper.

Writing:- This is the scoring portion contains major syllabus such as; formal letters, article, and story, etc. So, you have to learn their format carefully, understand their basic needs and practice at most and as I told right before that you need a good knowledge of English plus good vocabulary collection.

ToDo: Make a habit of daily reading your chapters, poetries and grasp all the vocabularies.

Read them loudly as because your ears also need to listen. This method is the best way to learn anything in a short period and for a longer time.

3. Social Studies

Social Studies


History is the most horrible and super boring subject for most of the children as it includes the numerous past dates, names, battles, reasons, almost a whole different era you have to learn.

But, there is a way to make it an interesting subject to learn, is don't take it as a subject you have to study for 10 CBSE board Exams, but relish it as a storybook and just read it, listen to it and lost into it.

In one word- TimeTravel the history subject, if you want to instate over it. 

So, don't try to rote it but instead understand it, assume it and just start liking it.


This is one of the easiest and scoring subjects in SST as well as the mostly map dependent. So, learn everything in geography keeping a map in front of you.

Learn the maps Because visual things last for a longer time.

Make a separate notes register for it in which paste the maps in it and mention the similar elements in a single map.

It would be a great idea for you to study geography in a very easy way.


Just read the chapter first carefully, try to understand the facts given in it and finally learn them conceptually with a vision, you will definitely found it interesting and accessible to learn.


This subject is quite boring for many students but this is very important for you and trust me, not hard as well.

If you read a daily newspaper or watch the news then you will gradually start to come interested in it yourself.

This is all about government, political knowledge & the G.K. around you so, understand it and it will automatically set in your mind.

4. Science



Physics is all about understanding the nature rules through the science vision.

The key to taking over this subject is grip upon its fundamental concepts.

This subject is totally theorem and formulas based and numerical questions are the main part of it.

The only way to study physics is to learn its theories, practice numerical and revise it constantly with the fundamental understanding.


This is the most complicated subject in science for most of the students as it contains lots of chemical names, their formulas, compounds, their atomic no., weight, and tons of small-small elements that leave you with the confused and hotchpotch brain and at the end you have to learn them and keep them in your mind too.

The accurate process to study chemistry is to start learning it from the roots.

Firstly understand its all fundamental basics, learn all the primary formulas, practice balancing the equations and reactions then learn the periodic table carefully because these are the key factors helps you to solve chemistry problems undoubtedly. 


Biology counts in the favorite subject amongst many subjects due to its effortless knowledge and also it is very interesting but the one complex quality of it is learning numbers of hard and complicated names. 

Most of it is diagram based topic and it needs to be practiced in the root of the problem, according to the understanding of the topic and the memory of the diagram.

Diagram based questions are definitely asked in a science paper of 10 CBSE board Exams. So, keep the carbon copy of all the diagrams including all the names of parts in your mind. 

5. Hindi


Hindi is the easiest subject, especially for students who have this Mother Tongue and also it is a very scoring subject for getting a good result in 10 CBSE board Exams.

Its pattern, syllabus, and preparation are very much exactly like an English subject.

But many students make a major mistake of underestimating it throughout the year but, this can lead a cumbersome loss by getting you a bad result.

The way to study Hindi is to be regular with it the whole year and don't skip it's any of part. 

The one important tip to remember is Hindi spellings(maatra) should be correct at the point.

Remember, this subject could make your percentage increase.

 Important Tips 

1. Stay confident, motivated and positive throughout the year. 

2. Start your study at the right time & early and stick to your timetable and schedule as well.

3. Self-study is the must and compulsory to get the best result.

4. Revise, revise and keep revise. As it would make your learning more effective in your brain.

5. Relate the topics together and to the real-life, while learning as by doing this it would remain in your mind for a long time.

6. Separate notes register- make a separate notebook for short notes, formulas, theorems and important points for each subject and keep them revising.

7. Learn and Write should be your method for strong learning. 

8. Previous years question papers are the very helpful for you so look up to them and you would get an idea about to come questions in a 10 CBSE board Exams.

10. Keep an eye on a marks weightage and syllabus and retain your preparation according to it.

9. Self Analysis is very important in terms of Board exams, So give tests regularly in class and at home both.

11. Stay away from nervousness and be fearless during your preparation and examination too.


As you desire to gain a good percentage in your 10th CBSE board Exams you have to begin your preparation very early at the right time. Be concentrated, punctual, motivated, and confident. Make a great timetable as per your comforts and strictly stick to it throughout the year. Start learning from very basics and clear your fundamental concepts. Don't forget to revise daily you studied the whole day. Keep giving tests regularly as this is very important in terms of your good studies and best results. Grant equal priority to each subject and don't underestimate or overestimate any subject. On following these all above instructions were given to you, it would be really possible for you to acquire the best result and best percentage at the end of the session and then, that happiness would be uncomparable for you.

 Best of Luck 

How to Study for Class 10 CBSE board Exams

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