How to study Maths easily

High Spirits!!! welcome to Unleash Your Panache once again. Today I will speak about the most talked subject and a spooky one for students, The "Maths".In this article, I will try my best to make you fall in love with maths, let you become comfortable with it and make your one of the favorite and easiest subject as I will explain to you How to study Maths easily.

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. Albert Einstein

How to study Maths easily

Hey students, are you suffering by the maths phobia? 
do you ignore to study the maths subject? 
or, as a result of that, you are scoring fewer marks in maths?

I would just say to you that now you do not need to run away by this subject anymore. Because I will explain to you that how you can study maths very easily by following some steps and a good no. of advice given to you in this article. I will also delete the hating feeling for maths from your mind by introducing its positive and understanding side. So, let's go...

1. Make a separate notebook for maths formulas and theorems 

Make a separate notebook for maths formulas and theorems

Maths looks difficult because of its lots of formulas, equations, and theorems in every chapter, and it seems difficult to remember all those formulae at the time of solving questions.

So, If you want to make your maths study easier then it's a wise step to be taken to make a separate register.

Make a separate register, in which write down your all formulas and theorems chapter wise, so that whenever you start studying a particular chapter you can find out related formulae over there in your separate notebook.

This notebook is a handy and quick way to learn formulas at any time you are free or before starting a chapter so that you could solve your questions very well.

Do revise the formulas and theorems mentioned in your register every day definitely. 

Important Tip:- 

Write down the maths table as well from 2 to 20 in your separate formulae register and also to learn them with the daily revision as because tables are the must prioritize than the formulas as it makes our calculating faster and easier. 

2. Make your basic concepts clear

Make your basic concepts clear

The most responsible reason behind the maths phobia is not able to solve questions and that makes your confidence fall on the floor and it happens due to the weak knowledge of basic concepts.

Uncleared and doubtful knowledge of the basic concepts in maths makes you more confused and finally, it ends up your interest in a subject. Furthermore, you start ignoring that subject.

If you want to make your maths practice effortless and smooth then the first thing you should do is clear your all concepts. 

Cleared concepts help you in understanding the theme of question and also helps in solving the question very easily and quickly and moreover improve your problem-solving speed as well.

For clearing the basic concepts you should have learned the basic calculating tricks and tips, learned tables, formulas, theories, and the theorems.

The one major step you can have is pick up the maths books of junior standards than you are in, and visit each of the chapters by learning and understanding the basic concepts and theme behind that chapter.

The one another thing you must do is when you start practicing questions of any particular chapter, you should first read the theory of that chapter carefully by understanding the main purpose of that topic.

By following these tips you can come up with your more cleared concepts in your mind and interest in the Maths and help you to study maths easily

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Important Tip:- 

Be attentive in class and listen carefully while your teacher is teaching you maths and try to understand the concepts with the full of concentration. Your this habit will make your maths subject more enjoyable for you.

3. Solve problems by yourself 

Solve problems by yourself

If you want to make it easier, you then must resolve your trouble by your self only without taking the assistance of any guide book, solved questions or asking someone else.

The very common and most drastic aspect you can do to yourself is not solving your maths problems by yourself.

Viewing the solved question solution in a guide instead of fixing itself makes you reliable on guide book and left you with nothing in your mind. After it, you can never solve the problems by itself and also can't grasp the basic concept of it.

If you solve your problem by yourself, it would take some of your extra time than usual, but, it would make the permanent impression in your mind regarding that topic and due to it, you will never forget that concepts again in your life.

By solving problems yourself, makes you more comfortable with this subject and will increase your confidence like you also can do it.

Important Tip:- 

You should also help your any friend if they are having any problem in solving a question. It would help you both in clarifying the concepts, as when you explain someone it builds a memory for it and it remains in your mind for a long time.

4. Solve your doubts immediately

Solve your doubts immediately

The biggest mistake maximum students make is, they leave the question which seems them difficult and complicated and hardly try to solve that again.

If a question appears tough to solve, then it means it includes the must be knowing concepts, important formulae, and theory behind it, which you should have cleared in your mind.

Also if a question seems you difficult to solve then definitely solve it at that time only because a difficult question contains many basic theories, formulae and the tricks behind it. 

If you are able to solve your doubts at the right time then you are opening the door for the furthermore questions, which will be easier for you then.

Solving a one difficult question at a time will help you to solve many questions further.

Besides, it will rise up your confidence in mathematics and your friendship will become stronger with this subject day by day.

Important Tip:-

Mark your problem over there in your book so you could not forget to solve it later. Also, you can make a different notebook for it, in which mention your doubtful questions with its solution solved by you and revise it daily. It would make your maths much easier for you.

5. Attend your class daily

 Attend your class daily

Well, if you want to make your maths subject easier, then you would have to attend your maths class every day.

Because a teacher explains the chapter from the very beginning by clearing all the doubts. Also, they give you an example hand to hand on a new particular formulae or theorem, So that you are able to understand very well.

If you skip a single class of the maths, then you have an idea what happens! the very next day in class you have to sit like you have come on the other planet. Every explanation flies from the top of your head.

And the good thing about it is you can directly ask your any doubt of regarding a topic.

Attending a daily class also buildup your interest in maths and finally, you start taking interest in it and maths seems you easy.

Important Tip:-

Try to sit in the front rows as it would help you to prevent distractions and will increase your interest and concentration in a subject and so you would start liking maths in a pace.

6. Participate in a class

Participate in a class

Going class daily is not only the factor to help in clearing concepts of maths, although the participation in class is the key factor to wash off all the doubts.

The reason behind attending class daily is to tell you to participate in a class while your teacher is explaining the topic.

Now, how to participate in a class? 
''Listen carefully while your teacher is teaching a chapter, ask your doubts hand to hand if you have any, involve if a teacher asks a question in a class and try to give an answer, discuss with your classmates and always be prepared for a surprise test.

If your teacher takes the separate doubt class or extra class then don't even think to skip it, it would be the greatest mistake and loss you can do about your good study.

Important Tip:-

Revise and revise daily whatever you have studied in a day and maintain your time management sensibly so that you could make a fixed time for your maths studies so it will prevent you from the burdens you grow your own due to the weak time management.

7. Do practice or homework every day

Do practice or homework every day

"Practice makes a man perfect" I  am sure you have listened to it many times before and it is absolutely applied in mathematics.

The "Homework" is like evil for the students and they think its to torture for them but it is actually invented to help you to learn whatever you have studied in a class and it is the revision process. 

Do your homework daily without skipping it a single day as it is the wisest habit which should be followed by every student.

Attempting daily maths practice makes your concepts cleared, it sticks in your mind for a long time and it builds a good smart notebook in your brain.

Practicing maths every day makes your memory more effective, improves your computation skills, it prepares your brain to think more analytically and also develops your thinking, reasoning and calculating skills

Important Tip:-

If you want to make your maths study easier then the practice is the golden key to make it easier. Practicing makes your concepts cleared automatically, enhance your understanding ability in maths, prepares you for further tests and examination and makes your mind sharp as well.

Main Tip: Avoid using the calculator in any situation.


I hope you have understood very well that how to study maths easily as I have tried my best to explain to you every aspect regarding the topic, you could do to ease your maths study. In this article, I 've covered all the steps you must follow if you want to become comfortable and confident in this subject. Also, don't forget to maintain good time management and a daily revision. Maths is not a hard subject until you make it more complicated and confused, it has its own different nature which we need to understand it.

If you want to know more about similar topics then let me know in the comment section so I could help you more.

All the Best!

How to study Maths easily

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