How to Increase Concentration During Study

High Spirits!!! welcome to Unleash Your Panache once again. Today I am here with the most helpful and important article for every student in which I will explain to you How to Increase Concentration During Study. 

How to Increase Concentration During Study

Hye students, I'm aware of it very well that you are captured in a concentration problem during your studies. Whenever you try to sit and study you are not able to start learning due to the lack of concentration. It happens with most of the students but you don't worry, today I will suggest you some of the very important actions you should step up to increase your good concentration during the study. Let's go!

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1. Develop a suitable study environment

Develop a suitable study environment

You need a good quality concentration during your studies and the suitable environment around you is one of the important factors to keep your concentration in one place.

your study environment should be managed according to your comfort where you can study without any type of discomfort and disturbance.

You can prefer to study in natural light, natural place, a separate room, on the terrace, stairs, in your garden or any other place where you can make yourself able to concentrate during the study.

Everyone has their own favorable different study environment according to their comfort. Like, someone likes to study in a locked room, in front of the family member, pin-drop silent, in between familiar noises, or during listening to the music, etc.

So, among the options given above, if you are one of them or you have a different setup for your study to concentrate and you are able to concentrate there then follow it.

Try to make your sitting capacity for a quite much longer time and avoid unnecessary breaks in between studies if you are in a good concentration zone because once you get yourself out from your concentration zone, it takes time to make your mind concentrate again.

2. Arrange your study space

Arrange your study space

Arrange your own study space which is very comfortable for you to concentrate easily.

Wherever you like to study it should be your own choice but it should be well managed, neat and clean concentrate-able environment.

Have only fewer things which are very need-able for you nearby while studying, as this habit of yours will save you from losing your concentration again & again.

Keep your study area very simple and full of positivity and try to keep it natural or nearby nature so that it would help you to improve your concentration.

Keep a water bottle, small dustbin, necessary stationeries, notebooks & books, and some eatable items as to avoid unnecessarily leaving your concentrated environment.

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3. Make distance from distractions & social media

Make distance from distractions & social media

When you decide to sit for your studies and want to make concentration atmosphere around you, then sit there, where you can't listen to any disturbing noise.

Because a disturbing noise is the biggest enemy to the concentration mind. It stops your mind against building up a strong concentration.

Also, make it clear that when you start studying you could not listen to any family voice and gossips.

As because any noise you here while studying, it takes you away to another world; imagination world and this process snatch away yours good enough of the time and a quality concentration.

Make a good amount of distance from the different kind of gadgets, comforts, luxury, T.V., mobile, gossips, friends, parties or any outings.

Because all above these are the open doors to your mind which let your concentration out of your zone.

Stay away from social media during your studies because social media is equal to an outing, parties and one important point is it steals away your lots of precious time and your peace of mind.


If you can, then please ask your any parent or an elder sibling for sit next to you during your study time because their presence will keep your mind in control of going here and there and prevent it from building an imagination palace. Right?

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4. Set your study goals

Set your study goals

It's a natural tendency of a human mind that it does not start working perfectly and excellently until it doesn't get a goal whatever it is for.

Do you remember your any boring day, when you are not able to concentrate on any work or study even a single minute? you know why is this happens?

Because on that day your mind doesn't have any goal of your life, work or even regarding your study. You forget to give a command your brain that what is your goal.

You and your brain should have been very cleared and acknowledged about your target that what you have to learn today and why you have to study this particular topic.

So, firstly set your target that what you want to become in your life, what career do you want to choose, how much marks do you desire in your exams and what rank do you aspire to get.

When your brain receives your goals then it starts working with the full of concentration and double productivity.

Your set goal also saves you lots of time which you often wastes in keep thinking that what I do or what not!!


Write your goals in a paper chart in a very neat and clean manner and place it where you study so it'd always on your eyes and you would now not overlook or forget your goal. Hence it will totally shift your concentration towards your study.

5. Stick to your routine & timetable

Stick to your routine & timetable

You know your damaged daily routine and lack of a good quality timetable is the main reason behind your inability to forming concentration for your studies.

Also, have you ever noticed that whenever you got to start your study or any other work, your brain start confusing you by asking you to do another work?

So, firstly establish a good daily routine in which mention your activities whichever you want to do and set a fixed time for them to do.

Also, set a fixed time slot for your studies so it will save you lots of mental energy which you spend over thinking that what should I do right now!

After doing all this, make your self enough powerful and your brain enough effective so that you could able to stick to your routine and follow your time table more strictly.

When you will start following your routine and time table made by your own self, from then only you will make the way for your success.

These all above tips will definitely improve and increase your concentration during the study.


Make your routine and time table according to your comfort, stamina, and efficiency so that it could be easier for you to follow effectively. Also, place a chart of your time table near your study space so that you don't distract against your goal and it will surely increase your concentration during study

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6. Follow effective study methods

Follow effective study methods

If you want to increase concentration during the study, then you would have to adopt some effective methods and some succeed techniques.

The most effective and practical method is to read aloud and carefully while learning any topic.

Due to reading aloud your ears are able to listen to every word and so your brain becomes alert and your alert brain becomes fail to think or imagine anything.

Because you have given it a work to listen and your helpless brain finally has to concentrate your words.

The second method is to write also during your study as because again you are giving your brain work, is to write and it has to concentrate their in anyhow condition.

The third method is to keep your brain busy in making the notes hand to hand. It will increase your concentration in your studies also you will help yourself by preparing some good notes.

Place your ideal's image and some of the motivated quotes around your study area, as it would boost up your energy, remind your goals and finally you will become focused and concentrated.


Whenever any thought bothers your mind to think about any random topic, then do one thing, take 10 mins. break and command your brain to think whatever it wants to about.  Then you will realize that all your thoughts are gone and your mind has come in a relaxed mode.

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7. Be an attentive & quick learner

Be an attentive & quick learner

Your attentive mind does not need any extra efforts to obtain the concentration.

Be attentive and active through your mind and body, it would prevent your brain from extra thoughts and confusion.

Attempt a single work at a time and step back from multitasking. As it would increase your concentration power.

Become a quick learner for any topic from your subjects because quick learning will improve and hold your focus at a single place.


Make a good habit to wake up early in the morning daily, as it will make you more manageable and will definitely increase your concentration.

8. Practice some concentration techniques

Practice some concentration techniques

If you are not able to concentrate your mind in your studies then I am here only to help you to build up your concentration!

First - Practice yoga daily in the morning, it will improve your focus in one place.

Second - Do attempt meditation in a daily routine, it will develop your concentration like magic when you will realize it.

Because meditation is an excellent doctor for your mind's good health.

Third- Play some games and sports which will improve your focus like a blast.

Play games like; chess, sudoku, word puzzles, solve puzzles questions, table tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball, shooting, etc.

Playing these games will increase your stamina, your hardworking capacity and finally will develop your concentration.

Fourth- have you ever listen? like food like man... it's true! because what food you eat, your mind and your energy become like that. 

So, please eat healthy and natural food, since it would make your mind peaceful and will enhance your concentration.

Fifth-  listen to some peaceful and meaning full music. Listening to music is a great therapy for the brain to improve its focus & concentration.

Sixth- follow and attempt your favorite hobby often like; sketching, painting, swimming, dancing, cycling, cooking, etc.

The reason behind this concept is to increase your focus power and you know that whenever you explore your favorite hobby your concentration becomes too strong to be broken.

So by trying any one of the concepts given above, you can definitely increase your concentration during study 

Good Luck!!!

How to Increase Concentration During Study

If you want more articles like this, then please let me know in the comment section. I will try my best to help you in every aspect.

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