How to prepare for UPSC prelims in 2 months


High Spirits!!! welcome again on Unleash your Panache a blog ready to help you in many fields. And today's field is UPSC. I am here once again with a very demandable and very helpful article for IAS aspirants. In this article, I have included all the possible ways you must follow for selection in IAS pre in 2 months.

"There is no substitute for hard work” Thomas Edison

How to prepare for UPSC prelims in 2 months

Hey IAS aspirants, there might be a question in your mind right now if is it possible to get selection in IAS pre-exam by studying just for remaining 2 months??

My answer is yes! but you will get a good result in the exchange of some intelligent and wise efforts.

I can understand the level of nervousness and turbulence you have in your mind right now. What you have prepared in the last 10 months, I don't know about that. But if you are feeling insecure, unsatisfied or unprepared somewhere in your heart and mind, then I would like to tell you not to take high tension because still there is the chance to clear the exam if you are ready to work harder than you did before.

Remember, you have still 2 months to prepare for it and you can do it. So, don't lose your hope. Be positive and think positive.

Mind one thing, I'm not going to teach you or show you the magic as if all things will go smoothly as you imagine. I'm suggesting you ways for selection in UPSC prelims in 2 months and for that, you would have to work harder very sincerely.

Now, I will explain to you that how should you prepare for an exam in just 2 months, So, read it carefully and follow the steps wisely as I'm going to suggest you below. Let's go!

👉 Firstly, let's take a look at the structure of the paper as it is the first and must work you should do before starting any preparation:-

Marks Weightage

Marks Weightage

Paper-1: contains 100 ques. of 200 marks. [2 hours] 

conclusion: Now, you need at least 100-120 marks out of 200 for selection. And for scoring 120 marks, you would have to attempt 60 ques. out of 100 in the exam correctly with no chance of the wrong answer.
Paper-2: contains 80 ques. of 200 marks. [2 hours]

conclusion: Now, in this paper, you need to score only 33% marks, means you have to just pass this exam. So, the outcome is that you have to attempt at least 35-40 ques. out of 80, correctly with no chance of the wrong answer.

So, after taking a look at the basic structure of paper in terms of marks, no. of ques., to be attempt ques. and the time you will get for attempting a paper in an exam.
It has a very relaxing impact on your brain because now you are very clear about how to start preparation from where.

The method I'm explaining to you how to study and prepare in 2 months is called Analytic Targeting Study.

👉 Secondly, let's take a look at the syllabus as well:-


Syllabus of Paper-1: History, Geography, Political science, Economics, Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, Environment, Govt. schemes, and the star subject which is no subject; "Current Affairs"

The source of the highest no. of questions seem in an exam paper is the current affairs.

Because current affairs occupy many subjects within it. As Like; Environment, arts and culture, Govt. schemes, science and technology, economics and some area of political science too.

So, by reading and learning the current affairs you can become able to attempt a good quantity of questions in an exam.

Now, if a question strikes in your mind right now that why the large no. of ques are derived from current affairs. Why??

let me answer you:-

  • Try to understand the mentality of UPSC that how they think and what they want from the student.
  • Remember, they don't want to make us a "google". They don't want us to know each and every deep fact of the subject. We don't have to take a Ph.D. degree on each subject.
  • They understand that we are a human and how much is difficult to keep in mind all the subject's root facts.
  • They know that after becoming IAS or any other random person would open google for checking the facts.
  • They don't want to check our memory power, they want to check our understanding, opinion, your reach on the topic, the on the spot decision power and our point of view on that particular topic.
  • So, what they want from you?
  • They want you to live in the current world. You should have all the practical knowledge in all fields which is going through you in your daily life.
  • You should have the basic knowledge of the real India.
  • You should know what's going in the country in all the fields.
  • They want you to have all the knowledge that came to help people after becoming your IAS officer.
  • So, having full knowledge all the time about the current world makes you updated and aware of the incidents and events happening all over the country and you got to know about the real-time problems and difficulties spread out in the country.
Conclusion: So, I have explained to you the need and importance of learning "current affairs" for an IAS exam.

Now, you can understand my point that Current affair may help you to get selection in UPSC prelims in 2 months.

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Now just climb and ride the current affairs horse.

How to study current affair

How to study current affair

If you have collected the important cuttings from the newspaper regarding the current affairs throughout the year, then just take out them and start learning and revising them daily.

But, if you haven't done this work then it's okay, don't worry. Go and buy a current affair book of the year published by the newspaper agency. Example:- Manorama year book.
In this type of book, you will get the whole year current G.K.

Buy or collect some important and authentic current affairs magazine of the whole year (12 months) and start learning them daily one by one.

Now, take a magazine, see all the topics in the index and mark them priority wise and as per your interest in a particular topic.

Read the topic by marking and highlighting the important points and after reading it once, take a quick glance once again learning the points highlighted as important facts.

Don't forget to take the short breaks of 15 mins after every 2 hours

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this can help you a lot in a very good way. You will find out it very useful for your exams.

Syllabus of Paper-2: passages in English, in Hindi, mental ability, reasoning, and maths. Whether you have the preparation of paper 2 or not, don't take the stress. Maths reasoning and mental ability are of the 10th level. 

It gonna be very easy if you take care of it in these 2 months. I will tell you how in below section.

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1st Month Preparation

1st Month Preparation

Paper 1:-

As we are having only 2 months left for preparation we will have to learn more in a single day.

Learn at least 1 or 2 magazines per day with the revision at the end of the day. And you can do it with very good time management.

If you continue to complete 1 magazine per day you will learn 30 magazines a month and it is enough for you.

If you want to make your learned topics more memorable in your mind, then take the test of the topics the very next day before starting the new.

You can also give the oral test by asking any family member to ask you a question from the magazine you learned.

These ways will help you to keep stick all the topics in your mind you studied.

Also, keep reading the newspaper on a daily basis very carefully because these are also the source of all type of magazines.

Important Tip:- Join test series online or of any good coaching or, buy a good one from a market and give test regularly. At least once in four days.

Paper 2:-

  • Take only one book which includes all the content as per the syllabus of paper 2.  like an Example:- Arihant CSAT paper 2 book.
  • Now, fix the separate time for preparing paper 2. Take out some 2:30 hour for it daily and you can cover 1 topic from mental ability, 1 topic from maths and practice for some passages in this small batch of time
  • Don't forget to revise it daily as it is the keyway you should follow for your good preparations.


check out the previous years' paper 1 and paper 2 and observe it very carefully. See how the way ques. are asked and which type of ques. have been appeared.

2nd Month preparation

2nd Month preparation

In last month, you have to just revise it whatever you have studied before.

Revising is the must task you should go next if you want the best results. 

Revise only important stuff you think that may be asked in an exam paper.

Revise those underlined, highlighted and marked data only as it would save you lots of time.

Avoid learning new topics and stop grabbing new data at this peak time of the exam.

Revise the whole year current affairs very attentively.

Make a very fixed and strict study time table to be followed by you in this last month.

Discard all type of activity and work which snatch your time from your study.

Stay concentrated and focused totally on your mind.

Stay motivated and energetic for your exams.


I hope you might have understood after reading this article that How to prepare for UPSC prelims in 2 months, don't lose your hope of thinking your poor preparation for UPSC exam. As I explained to you above that still there is some time left, if you are ready to work harder in this period and study current affairs of a whole year, you can get selection in IAS pre-exams.

Best of Luck!! 

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