Best Magazines For IAS Exam Preparation

High Spirits!!! welcome to Unleash Your Panache once again. Today, I am here to help you in your UPSC exam preparation by suggesting you about a very important and useful current affairs magazines for IAS examination which will be proven very beneficial for your exam preparation, I am sure.

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 Best Magazines For IAS Exam Preparation

Hey IAS Aspirants, if you are worried about your current affairs preparation for your UPSC exams then its time to throw away your all tensions in the dustbin from right now because I have a list of Best Magazines For IAS Exam Preparation for you all. You have to just buy them and consume them all like a crazy man hungry for a portion of food. So, let's begin...

1. Pratiyogita Darpan

Pratiyogita Darpan is one of the topmost reputed and popular current affair monthly magazine in India for those who are preparing to UPSC Exam and for those also who are preparing for some other competitive exams as well.

Its best feature is that it is published in both English and Hindi languages which is very comfortable for both mediums students and it is affordable as well.

If you don't have that much time to read newspapers daily and collect the important cuttings from it, then it's very ok because this magazine includes all the G.K. and current affairs on Indian and international topic of the entire month in it.

This magazine covers all type of topics from various subjects. As like, Science and Technology, Culture, Geography, Environment, Political science, History, Economics, International relations, etc.

You can consider this magazine for your IAS prelims and mains both as it contains a brief explanation of a particular topic so that all your concepts are cleared.

It is very helpful for IAS mains in other terms too like, it comprises essays, many brief descriptive articles on current topics, UPSC topper interviews, many solved question papers of various competitive exams and also provides employment-related news.

A large number of UPSC students regularly study this magazine.


  1. This magazine also has an online version in the form of an app.
  2. You can also download its pdf which is available on many websites.
  3. Also, you can order it online from its official website Pratiyogita Darpan
  4. It is also available to Amazon in both the languages.
  5. It has the year version of itself named as - Panorama Year Book.
  6. You can also ask your newspaper vendor to provide you this magazine on a monthly basis at your home or finally, you can fetch this from any magazine provider shop.

2. Drishti - Current Affairs Today Magazine

Drishti current affairs today is one of the topmost favorite and valuable monthly magazine among the IAS exam preparing students. As it is available in both languages.

As it contains a good enough number of articles on current topics from various subjects with a brief explanation which helps you clear your concepts on that particular topic.

This magazine also includes a different section of current affairs in which it presents the entire knowledge on current events and incidence happening around on every subject in the form of no. of chapters.

Other than all above, this also includes the gist of several magazines in which we get the summary of the other magazines as well.

The one unique point it has that also includes the maps section through that we get to learn 2 maps every time.

Thus, it contains the essay section, practice question papers, and a few more sections.

Overall this magazine includes all the important topics and segments as per the IAS exam pattern. Many IAS aspirants highly consider this magazine during their UPSC preparation.

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  1. You can download its pdf from any website you search for.
  2. This magazine is available on its official website where you can buy a subscription for its hard copy.
  3. This is also available on Amazon where you can order it.
  4. It has its own app where you can watch its video classes.
  5. It is also available in the form of yearly current affairs book.

3.  Yojana Magazine

Yojana is a very effective monthly magazine with the high authenticity for UPSC preparation since it is published by the government of India also it is very affordable.

It is so helpful and essential for IAS preparation as it provides us the primary knowledge about the economic development of our country and people confidentially.

Yojana magazine has its own opinion from different angles for any particular issue thereby we got to know the balanced and actual plot about our nation.

This magazine presents and promotes meaningful brief discussion on original social and economic issues raised out which could be very helpful to you for mains exams of UPSC.

This magazine insists on the issues of both our Rural and Urban India with an honest analysis.

Yojana is proven to be so significant for many IAS toppers according to their interviews.


  1. Besides, English and Hindi, Yojana magazine is available in many languages. such as; Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Uriya, Assamese, Malyalam, Kannada and Urdu.
  2. Students can get its pdf download online on any website.
  3. It is also available in app form and its gist as well on many apps.
  4. You can buy its monthly subscription online.
  5. It is also available on any good magazine store in your city or you can contact your newspaper vendor for its monthly delivery.

4.  Vision IAS Magazine

Vision is a monthly magazine published in both languages is very accurate and excellently composed for especially UPSC exam and one of the best magazines for IAS exam preparation.

Vision is compatible with both IAS pre and mains exams as it is written in a way of factual and genuine description of current affairs topics at the same time.

This magazine includes all the important subjects in different sections in the form of current affairs. Such as; Political science and Indian constitution, International relations, economy, security, Environment, Science and Technology, Social issues, Culture, and miscellaneous topics.

Vision's best feature is that it covers all the necessary subjects according to the syllabus but in the form of current affairs not as traditional topics. It raises all the current issues and incidents happening all over the world especially our country.

By studying this magazine, you can unblock your all concepts on current topics as this could be very helpful to you during your preparations.

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  1. You can download its monthly pdf from its app and from other websites as well. 
  2. You can buy its hard copy from its official website and it is available on other websites too.
  3. You can buy its monthly subscription on its official website.
  4. Its hardcopy is available on the Amazon app also. 

5.  Kurukshetra Magazine

Kurukshetra is a monthly magazine includes articles associated with rural India and agriculture since it is published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.

This magazine is helpful to students because it serves serious discussions on the various issues linked to our real India that is rural and agriculture.

It could be very helpful in the perspective of IAS pre and mains exams as it covers all the government schemes and programs introduced to our rural and agriculture fields.

Kurukshetra also provides you data and analysis on current government issues.

Reading Kurukshetra will help you in essay writing as it serves various perspectives on a particular topic by various people from different backgrounds.

As per the new trend, UPSC is focussing on rural and environmental topics. So, reading Kurukshetra will help you a lot in your UPSC journey.


  1. You can download its pdf from various sites.
  2. You can buy its hard copy from the Amazon sites well.
  3. Also, you can ask about it at any good magazine store in your city.

6.  Civil Services Times

This is one of the best and important monthly magazine for UPSC preparation in both languages as it gathers study material from the most stable references such as websites of government departments, ministries, press information bureau(PIB), etc.

This newsmagazine is registered under the government of India(Ministry of Information and Broadcasting). So, as per it, we can take it as referred and authentic magazine for our strong preparation for UPSC.

This newsmagazine provides us the very authoritative information and knowledge related to national and international, science and technology, Foreign policy, economic and social issues.

It is very helpful and worthy for IAS exam preparing students as it proffers us knowledge in the form of in-depth and understanding articles which could be very convenient for IAS pre, mains, and interview exams.

This magazine builds our analysis command on any singular current topic which will prove to be very beneficial for IAS mains questions while writing the brief and analytic answers. 


  1. This magazine is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal as well in both languages, English and Hindi. 
  2. You can download its pdf from many websites.
  3. You will find it affordable as well.


So, this is the list of Best Magazines for IAS exam Preparation. I have suggested some of the best magazines which will enhance your preparation at a vast level as per the new trend of maximum questions rising up from the current affairs. I have mentioned all the important and useful features of these magazines followed with their availability. These magazines will help you throughout your UPSC journey until you become an Excellent IAS officer.

Best of Luck !!!

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