9 Useful tips for exams

9 Useful tips for exams

High Spirits!!! welcome to our blog Unleash Your Panache again. Today I am going to share some very important useful tips for exams. I am sure this would help you a lot in many ways for your exams.

“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits and surely your habits change your future” - APJ Abdul Kalam

9 Useful tips for during examinations
9 Useful tips for during exams

Hye students, we know that exam preparation is very hard working, exhausting, and quite difficult. But, I am here only to solve your problem. So I am hereabouts with some very useful tips mentioned below, which you should follow during your exams for good preparation and I am sure you would also find these points amazing. So, let's go and start reading.

1. Study on a table chair

 Study on a table chair

Studying on table chair is the one important point you should follow during examinations.

Studying on table chair keeps you away from laziness and prevents you from oversleeping.
It helps you in maintaining your state of mind, mental stability and keeps you energetic and active in your studies.

Studying on table chair makes you more responsible for your study and makes you more confident about you. 

It also increases your stamina for learning for a long time. 

It maintains your concentration in one place.

It would make your mind more manageable.


  1. Place your table chair at a peaceful place and near to natural light.
  2. Fix your time table, syllabus and study schedule charts on the table or nearby table. It would keep you aware of your time management for exams.
  3. Keep only your exam-related books and notebooks on the table. it would make you feel burden-free and stress-free.
  4. Keep only essential stationery, water bottle, some healthy snacks, and a small dustbin under the table. It will hold you in your place for a long time. henceforth, it would increase your concentration in your learning.

2. Stay Physically Fit

Stay Physically Fit

Well, there is a saying; Healthy body, healthy mind. And after all what you need more than a healthy mind in your exams. So, for having a healthy brain, you need to keep yourself and your body healthy in many good ways.

After all healthy body develops your concentration.

If your body is healthy and ill free, you will feel energetic and interested in your studies from inner ways.


  1. For being healthy, eat healthily. So, during exam times eat healthy food, like; fruits, fruits juice, and shakes, milk, light food like vegetables and chapatis.
  2. If you want extra then you can have simple snacks like biscuits, poha, etc.
  3. Have food on time. have breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time.
  4. Keep your self hygienic and clean, although it would make you ill free and healthy. And will protect you from viral infections which can totally ruin up your exam result.
  5. Keep your self in a mosquito-free environment. Hence it can affect your health.
  6. Wash your hands often.
  7. Maintain distance from virally infected ill people.
  8. Avoid going to the market, public places, etc. 

3. Drink enough of water

Drink enough of water

Drinking plenty of water is one of the important key processes to maintain your body healthy; physically and mentally as well. 

It helps your body to retain its energy and good stamina in a very great way. You know?

Having a good quantity of water in your body, rejuvenate your brain and makes it more healthy in terms of study.

Two-Third of the adult human body is made up of water and your brain is 80% of water. See! now you can understand it very well that indirectly the water is the must need to make your brain work well. 

Since your brain is mostly made up of water. So drinking it will help you in many following directions:-


  1. Builts your concentration for your study.
  2. Boosts your mood for learning.
  3. Increases your memory power.
  4. Increases your blood flow and provides your brain oxygen.
  5. Prevent you from headaches.
  6. Help you to stay away from stress and tension.
  7. Makes you mentally healthy.
So, the water is the kind of must thing you should follow all the time for your good brain, good studies, and good results.

And at last, it provides you some short breaks between your study time when you have to see the loo very often due to it. (LOL)

4. Be mentally fit

Be mentally fit

Take care of your mental health especially during exams. Because all the work you have to do with your brain essentially.

A brain is your power bank and a memory bank for you. So you would have to take care of it preferably.

So, you should keep your brain healthy and hydrated and you can do it by following some steps which I have suggested below:-

  1. Follow the above 3rd point - drink enough of water.
  2. Be stress-free and avoid overthinking.
  3. Take some small breaks between your study time. It will recharge the battery of your brain again and will help you to prevent your brain from over exhausting.
  4. Listen to a piece of calm and peaceful music for some time by taking a small rest from your study.
  5. Do meditation for 15-30 min in the morning before going to start your study.
  6. Eat healthy food as healthy food makes mind healthy.
  7. Stick your mind only to your exams and study. That's it. Nothing at all. 
  8. Protect your brain from becoming dustbin by thinking about extra things other than your exams.

5.Practice some yoga or go for jogging

Practice some yoga or go for jogging

Doing some exercise, yoga or jogging fills you up with the high voltage energy, enthusiasm, and the confident.

During exam times you need to stay fit and healthy by your body and mind. As it would make your spirit zestful from the inner ways.

Performing some exercise increases your blood flow in your body and rejuvenate it from within, that makes you feel fresh. 

You can do it by taking out just half an hour only in the morning.

You can go for jogging also instead of any exercise. It will boost up your energy like a fire.


  1. It will increase your self-confidence like anything.
  2. It will improve your productivity in preparation for your study. 
  3. It will obtain you more enthusiastic about your career and preparation for an exam
  4. It will boost your mood blast for your exam.
  5. It will shift your focus totally towards your study.

6. Take short naps

Take short naps

Like studying is important, sleeping is also a very necessary thing as well. Good sleep is the source of good results.

So catch your sleep properly of at least 6 hours to 8 hours depends on you.

If you are not interested in taking long sleep then you can divide it into small segments. Like you can have it in 3 hours and 4 hours section.

You should take small naps of half an hour also whenever you feel tired and not in a learning mode. it will regain your energy.

Taking some small naps will prevent your brain from becoming dustbin and will clean up your mind from negative things.

Having some naps will give your mind and body some essential rest they deserve to be and also make you ready for working hard again.

Having small naps also increases your concentration power.

7. Stay concentrated

Stay concentrated

For a good quality study, you should have a very strong and focused concentration. 

Good concentration never fails you to get good results.

100% concentration can improve your result in a great direction.

Now, how can you develop good concentration, I will explain to you in the below points:-


  1. During exams, hold your mind at one place i.e; your study, exam, and result.
  2. Stay away from overthinking, imagination and gossiping. As it can drive your concentration from your exam preparation to other topics.
  3. Think about your preparation and be ready for facing your exam result. It will improve your concentration.
  4. Make the studious and learning environment around you.
  5. Stick the time table of the study near your table where you can easily see them. This will save you from distractions from your studies. And will increase your concentration.
  6. Discuss and talk only about your syllabus and preparations whether with your friends or parents.
  7. You can increase your concentration by following the above topics and points also. Like; meditation, good sleep, yoga, jogging, good physical and mental health.

8. Make your time management

Make your time management

Managing your time wisely can get you to reach your goal; a good result.

Time management is the one important thing you should obey during your exam times and out of the exam as well.

Going according to your time management, you can complete your syllabus on time.

If How can you make your time more manageable in detail, for that read the article

9. Revise everyday

Revise everyday

The last advice but the most important among all. Yes, revise it daily after finishing your learning at the end of the day.

Whatever you read and learn, you should revise it daily in anyhow condition. Because what you learn a day, it needs revision to make it permanent in your head.

Revising makes your learning more impactful in your brain.

And after revision, you feel more inspired and confident about your exams.

Don't skip revising a single day. As it can result in forgetting your studied matter in an exam.

So, that's it for today, I will come back with a new but very useful article again. 

Best of Luck!

9 useful tips for exams


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