How to do time Management for exams

High Spirits!!! welcome to our blog Unleash Your Panache. today I am going to share some important ways for time management during exam times. I hope this would help you a lot.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  Mother Theresa

How to do time management for exams
How to do time management
Time management is a very important step to be taken in exams period. Just by managing your whole time according to your exams in small segments by dividing it as per your priorities, you can achieve your targets and can reach to your goal very smoothly. But do not forget that still, the main key is hard working which you would have to do that in anyhow situation and the second key is punctuality.

Here, I have shortlisted some steps below you should follow if you are very serious about your exams time management:-

1Set your Priorities

Yes, this is a very important thing you should do before starting your studies. So, for that firstly make your priority list of works, habits, activities, and hobbies other than your study.

Now figure out that what is important and what's not. After it,  just pick up only those works which need to be done in exams time also and reject those which are not necessary at that period to do and can be continued after finishing of exams.

It would save you lots of time for learning.

Tip: Keep only those activities which can improve your productivity and help somewhere to increase your chances of a good result. eg; yoga, exercises, any sport, meditation, listening calm music, etc.

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2. Make your study time table

Making a fixed timetable for your study saves your lots of time thinking about what should I study right now or not, am I right? 

So, when you fix your time to study your brain takes all the charges and makes you and your body relaxed, also it prepares you and makes your mindset about when to do a study. 

Making your study time table makes you more energetic, enthusiastic and confident at the very same time about that and also makes you burden free because you already know that when to do studies.

During the making of your study time table, make it according to your convenience yet very effective and productive at the same time.

Divide your 8 hours study time into 2-2 hours segments, following with half hour break in each segment and you can complete it in 4 parts. See how easy and burdenless it is! also, very mind relaxing.

Tip: make your time table according to your comfort, don't go out of your comfort level hence it can affect your concentration towards your study.

Make your study time table

3. Select your perfect time 

When you are perfectly fine and your mind is in the state of doing the study and learning, is your perfect time for study. 

Also when there is no disturbance upon your study time and your body and mind are feeling healthy and calm. 

It is that time when your mind is fully concentrated and very well prepared for learning and doing hard work for it. 

We all have a different mode of time for learning and studying.
I am suggesting you some time segments from which you can choose your comfortable time for learning :

NIGHT: 12 AM - 6AM

Tip: select that time for learning when there is no disturbance and your mind is relaxed and fully concentrated. Also ready for it.

4. Be Time-saver 

Especially for exam times, being punctual can make you time saver.

Yes, if you want to study more you would need more time to study, and for that, you would have to steal your time from your other works and activities.

And you can do that by being punctual and honest towards your time table. this feature will help you to follow your time table very accurately which can lead to your good result.

Now, how to save your time is depends on your above first point--set your priorities. Yes, save your time by not doing that work which is not important can save you lots of time. 

So, try to steal your time from, bathing for a long time, talking with the people, talking on the phone, hanging out with the friends, using the phone, watching television, using social media, overthinking, imagination, beauty, and fashion care, etc.

These all are distractions and try to get away from these, during exam times.

Tip: above points for stealing time is mentioned especially for during exam times. So, don't be tense. After finishing exams you can resume them and can live your normal life again.

5. Execute your daily study syllabus

I am talking about time management during exams and this point justifies it the most. It is the milestone in your time managing way.

So, execute a booklet or some pages in which you have to make your daily study program. Means, you have to mention that what to learn and when to learn. For that, firstly; divide your syllabus subjectwise into small parts according to days and mention their what to study daily. though, you are ready!

It would save your daily time thinking about what should I learn today.

Tip: make it according to your interest in the subject and type of study you do. You can pick one subject at a time or also many subjects a day as per your choice of subject and mood.

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              To Be Remember

  • Avoid distractions which lead to ruin your study.
  • Be punctual
  • Be honest and responsible for your studies
  • Be hardworking student
  • Try to Give your 100%
  • Don't take your study as a burden, be relaxed. 
  • Be healthy and calm
  • Don't exhaust your self too much going out of your limit.


Time management is the required step, should be followed during and before exam times, if you want the best results. So, I hope you will follow all the above steps and make your time fully managed. And go towards success.

best of luck!
How to do time Management for exams

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